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"It's Time for a Boat Ride"

"It's Time for a Boat Ride"

We left Canada and crossed over into Montana. The first stop was at the Many Glacier Hotel in Glacier National Park. Due to construction, much of the hotel was under construction, but the facilities were still open. We were staying in a very nice hotel nearby, but we still spent the day inside Glacier.

First up, we started with a boat ride from the east shore of Swiftcurrent Lake. We got to see glaciers in this magical valley from the seats of two historic wooden boats — Chief Two Guns on Swiftcurrent Lake and Morning Eagle on Lake Josephine.

The tour begins on the shores of Swiftcurrent Lake, below the expansive Many Glacier Hotel. Take the Chief Two Guns across Swiftcurrent Lake, dock, disembark and walk 0.2 mile (over a steep hill) to the shores of Lake Josephine and board the Morning Eagle. Cruise to the head of Lake Josephine where you can either disembark and go on a guided or self-guided hike, or remain on the boat to return back across both lakes back to the Many Glacier Hotel.

It was a good way to get exposed to the beautiful scenery of Glacier National Park, and its just the beginning of the wonderful landscapes from GNP...

Canadian Rockies