About Me - itphotoguy

Mitch Carlander

I spent my entire adult life working (36+ years) in the field of Information Technology (IT). I started out as a programmer, and moved through a variety of technical roles, and ended my career as a Vice President. Regardless of the role I was filling, my passion for "all things technical" eventually led me into photography.

As with everything, I didn't wade into the shallow end of the "photography pool", I jumped into the deep end. Several cameras, multiple flashes, many, many lenses, tripods, monopods, filters, multiple mac's for processing, etc. later, I am still learning.  

It only seemed natural to create a website so I can show the fruits of my labor. I am proud of what I have accomplished, but I know that I will continue to improve my skills and make even better pictures.

I hope you enjoy what you are seeing here...